All you need is.. a way to thank the boys.

engraved corkscrews will go down a treat
engraved corkscrews will go down a treat

All you need is love and a way to thank the boys.

You’ve chosen your boys for the big day, and they’re all pumped to stand up for you and support you while you take this leap into married life.

But how do you thank them for all the work they will do helping you leading up the wedding?

There’s heaps of ideas out there, google groomsman gifts and you’ll be inundated with images. First thing to think about is do you want to DIY it or purchase something already sorted for you. Once you’ve made that decision you need to think about the personalities of the guys and maybe what you all have in common. No point buying everyone a bottle of whisky if 2 of your team don’t drink. If you all play golf, maybe go down that route.

Everyone loves a gift that has had some thought put into it, and you can’t really go wrong with something personlised and/or monogrammed.

Here’s a list of a few items, which depending on what your guys are into could be perfect.

  • monogrammed pocket knives.
  • monogrammed bottle opener and or a 6 pack of favourite beer.
  • Engraved watches, the sky’s the limit with budget for this option.
  • Toilet bags, filled with essentials for the day.
  • monogrammed golf tees, and a box of balls.
  • matching ties and socks for the day.
  • monogrammed beer mugs and some gourmet beer and maybe a snack.
  • Specialty cigars and lighters.
  • Bottles of your favourite alcohol, which you can print off personalised labels.
Socks and ties for the big day.

There’s plenty of options for packaging your gift, maybe a great wooden box, or a cardboard gift box. Just remember it’s a little way to say thank you for the gift of their friendship and the support your groomsman will give you on your wedding day.


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