All you need is.. an alternative to throwing rice.


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All you need is love… and an alternative to throwing rice.

So back in the day, it was cool to throw rice as a couple exited their ceremony, it originated as a way to wish a couple good harvest, back when it was important for a couple to have a good harvest. These days throwing rice is so last century, and apparently bad for the birds, and no one wants to be those people who kill the birds.

So I’ve compiled a list of alternatives that are definitely bird friendly, budget friendly and most importantly fun.

  • Bird Seed – definitely bird friendly.
  • Rose petals – make it the person you don’t like that much’s job to pull the petals off flowers.
  • Sequin wands that can be waved as you walk back down the aisle
  • Candy sprinkles – would look amazing in the photos, and not that bad if any lands in your mouth accidentally.
  • Wild flowers – you can provide little cones of wild flowers on your guests chairs, very eco-friendly.
  • Glitter – everything is better with glitter.
  • Confetti – you can buy confetti canons, basically party poppers on steroids from this place which look awesome, or D.I.Y it yourself. You could get really creative with what you use for confetti, maybe old love letters, or pages from old books, or heart shaped confetti.
  • Lavender – dried lavender smells amazing, would definitely suit a vintage style wedding.Confetti-Alternatives-Pom-Poms

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  • Mini pom poms – could be quite labour intensive, but would look fantastic. You could do different colours to match your theme, and they wouldn’t hurt if you got sconed in the face with one.
  • Bells – on little sticks, that could be rung as you walked passed.
  • Ribbon wands, or fabric flags – you could print the flags with a message, or your names or wedding date, they could also double as your wedding favours.
  • Bubbles – who doesn’t love bubbles, especially the little people on the guest list.
  • Sparklers/glowsticks – would look spectacular for a night time wedding send off.
  • Mini paper planes – you could colour-co-ordinate them to your theme, and stamp your initials or names onto them, would be super cute for the travel-mad couple.
  • Party popper style streamers – look great are relatively inexpensive, you can even personalise them by creating your own labels for them.

There’s tons of ideas.  Choose something that fits your budget, something that works with your colour theme, and something that suits your personality.

Side note check that the venue you are using allows whatyou want to use, some venues absolutely hate confetti, because of the extra clean up, so bird seed or rose petals might be more appropriate. It would also be a good idea to give a heads up to your photographer aboutwhat you are planning, it will make sure they pay special attention to that section of the ceremony, to capture some amazing shots.


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