All you need is… a cool way to carry the bling.

All you need is love and … a cool way to carry the bling.


So how are you going to get those gorgeous wedding rings down the aisle? You don’t have to go the way of the white satin ring pillow if that’s really not you. Below I’ve listed some options to make sure that bling gets down the aisle to you in one piece.

  • A stack of books – stack 2 or 3 of your favourite books together and wrap them with a big bow to secure the rings, you can match the books and ribbon to your colour theme.  You could use old books, which could double as your ‘something old’.
  • One individual book – you can hollow out the middle of the pages and use the hole to house the rings.  It would be lovely to use a book of romantic poetry or a favourite book.
  • Embroidery Hoop – if you have a relative who is into embroidery, you could ask them to embroider your names and wedding date for you then use some ribbon to fasten the rings. Bonus is you can hang the hoop on the wall afterwards.
  • Ring Bearer Bowls/Dishes – there are numerous places on etsy where you can order beautiful hand stamped bowls or dishes with your names and or wedding date.

heart dish

  • Seashells – nothing would suit a beach wedding more than a beautiful Paua shell or Conch shell holding your wedding rings.
  • Birds Nests – you can purchase beautiful birds nests, complete with moss and mini eggs to hold your wedding rings.
  • Souvenir from your travels – Imagine your wedding rings looped onto a Eiffel Tower, or tied to a statue of liberty.
  • Horsehoe – If you’re horse mad or having a country style wedding, a horsehoe adorned with flowers would look stunning.
  • Vintage birdcage – a beautiful antique white bird cage would look  elegant with the rings hanging on ribbon inside or a vintage style wedding.
  • Tea Cup and saucer or 2 coffee cups – if you’re a tea drinker or a coffee lover, what better way to incorporate you favourite beverage into your ceremony, than have your rings looped onto the handle.

tea cup rings

  • Favourite childhood soft toy – how gorgeous would your favourite teddy bear look walking (or rather being carried) down the aisle with your rings fastened around it’s neck with a beautiful bow.
  • Mini glass terrarium – these look gorgeous on their own, but with two rings waiting for their owners, they would be perfection.
  • Lego Ring Box – ask that special Lego owner in your life to craft you a box out of Lego to carry your rings. They could even put your initials in the lid and use your wedding colours.


  • Or you could go for the traditional ring pillow but update it buy using a funky coloured fabric or beautiful monogram with your names or a favourite saying.

Keep in mind when choosing what to use, who will be carrying it. I wouldn’t suggest giving a 18 month a glass terrarium to hold, maybe the Lego box would be a better bet.  Remember to choose something that reflects your wedding style and your personalities.


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