What goes on top of the cake?

All you need is love and … some alternative wedding cake toppers.

Long gone are the days of having those little china man and women figurines to sit on the top of your wedding cake.  There are heaps of ways you can personalise your cake topper.  Here are some ideas:

  • Fresh flowers: You could use the same flowers that are in your wedding bouquet, or the same colours as your decorations.
cake with fruit
photo via honestcooking.com
  • Mini bunting: looks super cute strung on the top of a cake.  You can get almost anything made into bunting, could have it made in the same colours as your decorations, or use a cute message, maybe even one of your favourite sayings.
photo via theplungeproject.com


  • Laser cut lettering: You can order personalised lettering in also any colour, style imangable.  They come with letter sticks that poke into the top of the cake, so they stand up straight.
photo via hellyeah via pinterest


  • Fresh fruit: Depending on the style of the cake, fresh fruit would look amazing sitting on the top level of a cake.
  • Mini flags: Again tons of options, and styles and colours and some that have sayings on them.  They look gorgeous whether  you use  a single one or multiple ones in various sizes.
photo via redstamp.com


  • Figurines: I’m not talking about the old school china figurines that have graced many, many wedding cakes.  I’m talking about the ones that are more personal, the ones that are fun, quirky and show off your personality and relationship.


fun motorcycle cake topper
  • Initials: Your own initials, or your last name or Mr and Mrs.  These come in an amazing array of colours. styles and sizes for any wedding cake.

And here’s my absolute favourite:





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