How to full your dessert belly

All you need is love … and an alternative to a wedding cake.

So you’re in the middle of wedding planning and it’s time to choose the wedding cake.  But what if you don’t want the traditional 3 tier fruit cake covered in thick white icing?  Every one knows there always room for dessert no matter who much you’ve already eaten. So here’s some alternatives to the traditional wedding cake.

macaroon tower
  • Cupcakes- You can hire/buy some pretty fancy cupcake stands to create a beautiful display.  You can still have a smaller traditional cake for the top and to do the cutting of the cake, if you still want to have a little tradition.
  • Donut tower – As with a cupcake tower the good thing about these options is you can have a variety of flavours to accommodate varying tastes.
  • Macaroon tower – These look absolutely stunning.  You can have different flavours and colours to create one of a kind displays.





  • Cake pops – These are heaven on a stick, you can have numerous flavours and decorations, and there are alot of different ways they can be displayed.
  • Pies – You could use either big family size pies (apple, apricot, pumpkin, banoffee etc) and serve slices with whipped cream or ice cream or have smaller individual size pies.
  • Cookies – There are 100’s of different kinds of cookies and you could have big cookies or mini cookies.  Imagine serving a wee shot glass of milk and a choc chip cookie as desert.


  • Ice cream sundae bar – People love a good make your own situation, and you could have a build your own sundae desert bar at your wedding. You could include numerous types of ice -cream and then sprinkles, sauces, nuts, fruit the combinations are endless.
  • Desert bar – A combination of cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, lollies, pies so your guests have a choice.
  • Choc fountain – Have one or a couple of chocolate fountains (one milk choc and one white choc) and an assortment of fresh fruit.
  • Croquem bouch – These are a tower of choux pastry covered in spun sugar, they look pretty spectacular.
  • Mr Whippy Ice Cream Truck – you could have the ice cream truck turn up at the end of the night, so guests can re-live those childhood memories of soft serve ice cream.
cheese cake


And my personal favourite, the cheese cake. A cake made of rounds of different types of cheese for those who prefer a more savoury option.



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