Guest Book Ideas

All you need is love … and a creative guest book idea.

Not everyone wants an actual book guest book.  There’s heaps of ways you can get creative when it comes to asking your guests to note that they were at your wedding.  You can even end up with a beautiful piece of artwork to display in your house to remember the day.

  • Jigsaw puzzle – You can get a blank puzzle made and ask everyone to sign a piece of it.  Or you could have a picture of the two of you made into a puzzle and then ask everyone to sign the back of it, either way pretty neat idea.
puzzle piece
  • Jenga pieces – Either use an actual jenga game and ask your guest to sign a piece of the game, or have a game made for you, and maybe have pink and blue pieces made and have a grooms side versus brides side.
  • Polaroid camera – Use a polaroid camera to encourage your guests to take a photo of themselves and write a message on the bottom.
  • Decorative stones – Ask your guests to sign or place a message on stones that you could then use in your garden.
  • Date night jar – Ask your guests to come up wtih a date night suggestion and sign it and place it into a jar, then when you pull out a suggestion you’ll be reminded of your guest who made the suggestion.
  • Globe – Use a beautiful old fashioned globe as a guest book, and ask your guests to sign it.  Would be perfect if you had alot of guests attending your wedding from overseas. It would be beautiful to display in your home.
  • Special wine bottle – You could use a bottle or magnum (larger bottle) of your favourite champagne or wine as a guest book and ask your guests to sign it using a gold/silver sharpie.  You could have a custom wine label printed for the event.
  • Piece of artwork – Have a photo of the two of you blown up and then ask your guest to either sign the back of the artwork or on the frame.
  • Wooden letter – You can purchase large wooden letters (maybe the first letter of your married name) and then have your guests sign it, it would be stunning displayed in your home.
  • Tree guest book – There are some beautiful artworks you can purchase of a tree/ bunch of balloons etc where your guests place a inked thumbprint upon.
  • Shadow box filled with hearts – Ask your guests to write a message o sign a heart shape and then insert it into a shadow box to display.

There are alot of creative ways to make sure you capture a snapshot of all the lovely guests who shared your special day with you.


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