Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

All you need is love and … something incredible to stand in front of.

Depending on your wedding ceremony location you may want to spend some time thinking about what you will use as a backdrop to your ceremony. People will obviously be looking at you, but it’s kind of nice to have something else attractive for your guests to look at, and to feature in your photos.

Many of these suggestions will work for either outside or inside.


tree backdrop
  • Tree – if you’re ceremony is in a garden/park surround, and you’re planning to stand under a giant tree, there’s  a few ways you can pimp it. You could use a huge piece of fabric and drape it over and around a few of the branches on either side of you.  You could also use the branches to hang fairy lights, or hanging glass jars filled with flowers or candles.
flower backdrop
  • Flower wall – either real (the more expensive option) or artificial, you can DIY yourself a large floral backdrop, incorporating your wedding colours or your wedding flowers.
  • Blackboard wall – You can have a large wall made, which stands up by itself and then either DIY it yourself or have it professionally sign written, either with a personalised message or quote or your names etc, the possibilities are endless.
flower arbour
  • Arbour – These can be adapted into many different ways.  You can have a wire one decorated with fabric, or a wooden one made decorated with fresh/artificial flowers.  You can use streamers, in your wedding colours, hanging lights, curtains, hanging lines or flowers, or paper cranes or whatever you like really, they really are very versatile.
  • Giant letter – Giant letters, LOVE or KISS or your initials or a red love heart would look very effective, and a bit different.
hanging picture frames
  • Hanging picture frames – Hang various shaped and sized picture frames either from an arbour or a tree branch.
  • Doors – You could purchase and DIY yourself a beautiful backdrop (especially if you’re doing a rustic theme) to stand at your altar. These could be painted to your wedding colours or left unpainted and rustic.
Ruffled - photo by -
  • Hand written sign – Paper hand-written signs are probably more suited to inside weddings, because of the fragility of them.  You could have a special poem or saying or quote professionally written onto a roll of brown paper and then hung at the altar and the end could trail down the aisle. Alternatively you could create the same effect on material which would be a little bit more robust.

These are just  a few options for creating a beautiful altar/backdop for your ceremony space.



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