Five Fabulous Finds

All you need is love and … five fabulous finds.

Just a list of five interesting things I found on the interweb this week

Wedding Drones

So there’s your fantastic photographers who take fantastic shots, and now some photographers are taking it to a new level (see what I did there) with drone shots. Yes, this will definitely add to the cost of your day, but look at that shot from

You may have to shop around to get a professional who offers this service, or you may know someone who has a drone which can take either still or video.

Wedding Drones
Wedding Drones can take pretty spectacular shots.

Hanging Wedding Cakes

So this is pretty over the top, it was make for one of the “Real Housewives Of Orange County” which isn’t exactly real life, but we can dream can’t we.


hanging weddingcake
Wedding planner Diann Valentine created a platform surrounded by floating pearls for the cake to rest on.

This look could be executed on a smaller scale by having your cake hang on a small swing, decorated with your colours to add drama to your day.

Flowers for Life

Not a fan of fresh flowers, allergic or just want something that’s going to last forever.  This is your answer, and they’re Dunedin based so if you are too then it’s perfect. I’ve seen these flowers in real life, both at a wedding and at a market, and they are stunning. So if this is your cup of tea, then check out Flowers for life

flowers for life

Trelawn Place, Queenstown.

Looking for a wedding venue in Queestown, New Zealand? I had the privilege of officiating at Richie and Ami’s wedding this weekend, and this location absolutely blew me away, as it did most of the guests, especially the guests who attended from Australia.

The hosts provide a number of different packages for weddings, with different levels of service, they also have a large list of suppliers who can help organise all the details. It’s perfect for overseas couples, who want help organising their wedding.  They provide the venue and accommodation.  It was stunning, as you can see from the photos. Go have a look if you’re looking for a unique location for your wedding Trelawn Place, Queenstown


KP Designs

I discovered this site on both Facebook and Instagram in the last few months, and I’m pretty much in love with Keren’s prints.  This one is my favourite, and she also customises for her clients, so you can get whatever you like made either as a gift or a decoration for your wedding. Head over and have a look at all the goregeousness (not sure that’s a word, but I’m sure you get my drift). KP Designs




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