Five Fabulous Finds

All you need is love and …this weeks ‘five fabulous finds.’

Just a list of five fabulous finds I found on the interweb this week.

1  Cute reading.

This reading was used at a wedding recently, and I hadn’t heard it before. I thought it was exceptionally cute, as did the bride and groom, and the guests.

But how do people fall in love?

A curious five year old asked that exact question

“How do we fall in love”

To author Jeanette Winterson

And this is her response:

“You don’t fall in love like you fall in a hole.

You fall like you’re falling through space.

It’s like you jump off your own private planet

To visit someone else’s planet.

And when you get there it all looks different:

The flowers, the animals and the colours people wear.

It’s a big surprise falling in love

Because you thought you had everything just right

On your own planet,

And that was true, in a way,

But then somebody signalled to you across space

And the only way you could visit

Was to take a giant jump.

And away you go,

Falling into someone else’s orbit

And after a while you might decide to pull your two planets together

And call it home.

And you know what?

You can bring your dog. Or your cat, Your goldfish,

And all your odd socks (and by the way, the socks you lost, including the ones with the holes, they’re on the new planet that you found)

And you can also read your favourite stories to each other

And bring your friends and family to visit.

And the falling was really the big jump that you had to make

To be with someone you don’t want to be without.

That’s it.

You just need to be brave.


2  Lots of love

lots of love 1

These cute as hearts are NZ made, and utterly beautiful, don’t you agree.  They can be personalised, (see the one in the photo with the wedding date displayed on it) and can be customised with your own colour scheme.  There’s so many ways you could incorporate them into your wedding day, on the signing table, on the head table, on the cake table. They would also make pretty special gifts for the wedding couple. Check out Lots of love for heaps of other examples.

3  Briar’s Delectable Bites

IMG_2188 (1)
Briar’s delectable Bites, how cute are these? Prices range from $2 – $2.50 each. Perfect for wedding favours.

This week I was lucky enough to see these pretty incredible little nuggets of yumminess in person, and they were pretty special. Apparently they taste amazing too, so win/win. These pictured gingerbread cookies were made as a sample for a bride to be, she’s considering them for wedding favours, I don’t know any wedding guest who would be disappointed if these were presented to them. Briar can customise them for every order, including hair/clothing/flower colours and also the couples initials.

Briar is from Dunedin, so they are only available in the Dunedin area, Briar’s contact details are ph: 03 4536232 or 022 1627997 or email

4  Petal Patrol


Some flower girls take their job super seriously, so this is a perfect way to ask the little princess in your life to be your flower girl, super cute!

5  Wedding Day Cards

Wedding Day Cards, are they a thing?

You know the old tradition/superstition of the groom not seeing the bride the morning of the wedding day? You know how you can’t wait to see each other on the day? How cute would it be to send your bride/groom a special/cute “wedding day card” in the morning, to just remind them of why you love them and that you can’t wait to see them at the wedding (possibly slip a saucy photo inside the card, wink wink).

These cards are A5 size, blank inside (so you’ve got room to include your personal message) and come with their own envelope.  There are 11 different designs, they are $6 + postage each, and you can contact me to buy.

I hope you’ve found something interesting in this weeks “Five Fabulous Finds”


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