Five Fabulous Finds

All you need is love and … this week’s Five fabulous finds.

Just a list of ‘five fabulous finds’ I found on the interweb this week.

1 Bridesmaid Armbands

The bridesmaids at this wedding carried beautiful wildflower bouquets and then had floral armbands on their upper arm. I love them, and think they are a unique addition for the bridesmaids. Photo via



2 Oh Em Gee



I found these gorgeous felt flowers awhile ago, and just had to share them. If you are not wanting to go for fresh flowers, (maybe you want to keep your bouquet, or are allergic to fresh flowers) then these flowers are perfect. There are a ton of different styles of flowers to choose from, in my opinion they are all pretty great, and if you scroll through the gallery, you will see what I mean. They also do customised bunting, which would be perfect for decorating your wedding space. Check out the link here:

3 Port Chalmers Town Hall

If you’re looking for a unique venue for your wedding and/or reception, then take a look at the Port Chalmers Town Hall. I have attended two weddings at this venue, and am always amazed by the facilities that the town hall has for the price of hireage. It is a great to have as a wet weather option if you are wanting to get married in Port Chalmers, there are numerous wedding locations in the area, or if you just want to have your wedding and reception in the one location. Couples have provided buses, taxi’s and some have even booked the train to deliver guests from Dunedin. The hall comes complete with chairs/tables/sound system/kitchen facilities and is centrally located, with plenty of cafes/ pubs and shops around for your guests to enjoy while you go and have your photos taken.

pt town hall
Outside the town hall
pt town hall1
Set up for a wedding reception

4 Don’ts for Husbands book


I found this little gem of a book on-line this week. It was written in 1913, and some of the advice is sage still now, obviously some of it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It would make the perfect joke/light-hearted gift for your groom on your wedding day. It would also make an ideal joke/light-hearted gift for a wedding gift. There are some stunners in here:

“Don’t come in any any odd time, and expect your dinner to be done to a turn. It was ready at the time you said you were coming, it can’t be quite as nice an hour or two later. You home is neither a club or a hotel” 

There is of course a “Don’ts for Wife” companion book.

5 Lily – Anne Designs 

lily anne

If you haven’t already been to a Lily Anne jewellery bar, then you’re missing out. These jewellery products are completely customisable, you choose the locket size/colour/shape and the necklace colour/length/style and then you have tons of fun choosing all the gorgeous charms that go inside. Hosting a jewellery bar would be a perfect idea for a hen’s night, you invite all the girls over, have some drinks, food and look at the the beautiful shiny jewellery. You could purchase matching sets for your bridesmaids/flower-girls, or your guests could all chip in and purchase the bride a beautiful piece of customised jewellery.  There are huge rewards for the hosts of jewellery bars, and there are definitely Lily Anne consultants in your area. Link to look at all the lovely combinations here Check out Lily Anne Designs –  Helena Dobson – Independent Design Consultant on Facebook if you’re in Dunedin, to host your own event.


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