Five Fabulous Finds

All you need is love and … this week’s Five fabulous finds.

Just a list of ‘five fabulous finds’ I found on the interweb this week.

1 Flair and Paper Cards

These cards crack me up, very funny and quite sarcastic, totally me to a tee. There’s a whole lot to choose from, this one is probably my favourite. Check out the rest of them at flairandpaper

fall_in_love-01 (1)

2 The Mill House, Oamaru

I was lucky enough to marry two gorgeous people at The Mill House yesterday. I have driven past this venue alot on my way to Christchurch, and have never been in. And I was pleasantly surprised, it is lovely. I had the pleasure of chatting to the owners while I waited for the couple to arrive and learnt alittle bit about their history. Its an ideal wedding venue if you’re looking for somewhere a little bit out of town, and with accommodation. They can cater for up to 80 guests for the meal, and the venue has a big garden, perfect for the ceremony. Check out more deatails here: themillhouse



3 How to pee in a wedding dress.

Now, this is not neccessarily something that you’ve had to think about before, but if you’re going for a puffy princess type wedding dress, it’s something that you and your bridesmaids need to read, very informative, and very funny.

Check out the slightly scientific study here: Buzzfeed: How to pee in a wedding dress

The logistics of using the bathroom in a wedding dress.


4 Oppo Suits

This one is for the grooms. It would take a very secure man to pull off one of these suits. I especially love the mustache one, but there is one to suit every groom.             Thanks Offbeat bride for the pics and Oppo suits for the inspiration.

moustache suit


5 Jot It Down

If you’re anything like me, then you have a passion for stationery. Nothing beats the feeling of a new notebook, or coloured pens, it feels like the possibilities are endless. So this week I found this beautiful range of stationery by Jot It Down

My personal favourite are their feather pens.  Kinda tossing up whether to purchase one or all three for signing the marriage licences on wedding days. A special pen for a special day.



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