Things I Love

All you need is love and … things I LOVE.

A curated list of things, people and places I’ve discovered this week that I love.

DIY for the lazy or craft-challenged bride

martha stewart
Photography: Alison Gootee

Table decorations can be the ban of a brides life when you have to factor in colour, style and budget into the mix then it can get really difficult. This tip comes straight from the Queen of DIY herself: Martha Stewart so you know its going to be good. Use rolls of wrapping paper as table runners. Pick a colour and pattern that matches your colour pallette and then simply unroll it down the center of the table. Done.  If you’re going with  a  rustic vibe then kraft paper rolled down the middle of long tables looks very effective as well.

Zoe and Morgan 

Zoe and Morgan have just celebrated their first anniversary of their custom engagement and wedding range. They have a bespoke service which creates pieces that cater to those who seek something beautiful, elegant and completely unique.

zoe and morgan
Freya and Deco Complete Set – featuring engagement and two wedding bands.

How completely gorgeous is this Freya and Deco set? If you’re a fan of art deco style then you’ll be all over this, and with Zoe and Morgan having a bespoke service you can have your dream engagement and wedding bands completely customised to what you want. And who doesn’t love that?

RSVP cards


From what I’ve seen around the ‘wedding discussion/planning’ groups one of a couples biggest pet peeves is getting people to RSVP to their wedding, getting them to RSVP by the required date is like asking some people for their first born child. So this funny RSVP card will strike a chord with almost every bride.  Once again this little piece of awesomeness comes to us from  Off Beat Bride

You can say THANK YOU now.


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