Some Lovely Things

All you need is love and … some lovely things.

A curated list of things, people and places I’ve discovered this week that I love.

Wedding Shoes (with a difference)

Those of you who know me, or have read my bio, or have seen my credit card statement, will know I’m a huge fan of shoes. This week I saw these beauties on Off Beat Bride, they may of course not be everyone’s choice in wedding shoes, but if you’re after something a bit different, then these will definitely fit the brief. These shoes are available via amazon for Show Story

wedding shoes1    wedding shoes2

wedding shoes3     wedding shoes4

Wedding Reading

This cute wee wedding reading was shared this week by the lovely Hayley Greer a very talented celebrant. I kinda love it, I haven’t seen it before, it’s super cute, and I just had to share it.

If I was a dinosaur and you were a jet

From An Awesome Book of Love, by Dallas Clayton

If I was a dinosaur and you were a jet…
there’s a chance, a good chance, that we’d never have met.

If I was a river and you were the sky,
if I was down low and you were up high,
Or if I was an apple, and you were a sundae,
if you were a Wednesday and I was a Monday,
If you were spring seasons and I was the fall,
we might never have gotten together at all.

But we aren’t all of those things,
you’re you and I’m me,
and we’re as together as together can be.

And you know I’m aglow, with a smile on my face,
when I wonder what magic you’ll make of this place,
Of this town, of this world, you’ll transform your surroundings!
That spirit inside you is truly astounding…
And when I’m beside you I’m leaping and bounding,
so proud I can hardly contain my heart pounding,
I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU, in so many ways,
over thousands of years, over billions of days,
I love you so much, I would scream it from mountains,
and dance like a fool in the coldest town fountains


I would paint it on walls, in colours so bright,
that they’ll glow in the dark, with “I love you” all night,
I would march through the rain, I’d jump out of a plane,
put the world on my back, I’ll still race down a train,
And I’ll stand down whole armies, defending your name.

But you know that’s not all that this love is about,
Sometimes it’s a whisper, when you feel you could shout,
Or just being around, when the others have gone,
Or about letting go, when you want to hold on…

It’s about living life with such strength and emotion,
and knowing that waves are just part of the ocean,
And that ocean, that ocean goes on for forever,
just like the love that has brought us together…

I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU, when I’m holding your hand,
I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU, when you’re making a plan,
When you’re thinking a thought, When you’re dancing a dance,
When you’re just hanging in by the seat of your pants…

I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU, I’ll say it again
tell all the strangers to tell all their friends
Make it a song and we’ll all sing along,
I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU, you make me feel strong.

You make me feel younger, you make me feel brave,
you make me feel something that words can’t contain.
And if you were the future and I was the past,
if I was too slow and you were too fast,
If you were a cloud and I was a ghost,
if you were long distance and I was up close…
I’d still love you no matter what sense it would make,
I’d love you whenever, whatever it takes.
I’d love you no matter, ’cause you’re you and I’m me…
Together forever

In love as can be.

When they can’t be with you on the big day

This little story is bound to make you smile, especially those of you who are fur parents or having a destination wedding and the fur baby can’t come to the wedding. Story bought to you by Style Me Pretty

“Lauren and Josh are from Chicago, and decided to tie the knot in Southern California.  This decision meant that their lovely pup Jackson wouldn’t be able to be at the wedding.  Lauren surprised Josh on their big day in the cutest way, by bringing along a life size cut out of Jackson, so he could share their day” Check out the photos below.

Photo via: One Love Photo
Photo via: One Love Photo
Photo via: One Love Photo



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