Groom’s processional song? Say what?

Now if you’ve followed me long enough you’ll know that I’m a huge fan of you celebrating your wedding day your way, whatever that looks like. I love sitting down with a couple to discuss their plans, and helping them to consider all the options. Sometimes they have no idea about what they want, and sometimes they’ve been to a few weddings and have a good idea about what they don’t want. I consider it my job to give you all the info and inspo for you to mix and match to make the ceremony exactly what you want.

One area that I’m excited to give options on is the processional (walking in) of the bridal party. Traditionally it has been the bride (with or without her parents) and the bridesmaids/ring person/flowergirls who walk down the aisle to be greeted by very nervous smiling groom and his groomsmen. Which is amazing and can be one of the most emotional parts of the ceremony for the bride and/or groom. But …. what if we have a little fun, and invite the groom and his boys to walk into the ceremony space, before the bridal party to his own piece of music?

I’ve had three grooms choose this option so far, and they have all absolutely rocked it! It really created a fun vibe right from the word go. Each groom chose a different piece of music, which was fun and reflected him and his personality, and the smiles on their faces changed the feeling in the space. In all three cases the guests cheered and clapped and whopped it up as the boys strolled in. The guests knew they were in for a ceremony that was going to be fun.

I love this option because it gives the groom a chance to say “Hey, it’s my wedding too!” Most times I have suggested it to a couple the bride has totally been behind it, supporting him to make a decision, and also knowing that it will not take away from her walking down the aisle. Logistically, how it works is, the guests are moved into place with about 5 mins to go, the boys hang around towards the back of the space, I introduce myself and let the guests know any housekeeping and the couples wishes regarding photographs etc, then we hit play on the music and the groom and his boys stroll up the aisle and take their place to my left, there is usually a short time space and then the brides processional starts, the guests stand and the bridal party arrive.

It’s a way of acknowledging that the groom’s role in the wedding is just as important as the bride, it’s a way of having some fun, and making your ceremony all about you, your story and your personality. I love this option so much I have created a “Grooms Processional Songs” on Spotify, so head over there and take a look. I’m also completely open to suggestions for songs to go on the list so let me know if you have any ideas.

Grooms Processional Songs on Spotify

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