Some Lovely Things

All you need is love and … some lovely things.

A curated list of things, people and places I’ve discovered this week that I love.

Bridal Headpieces

I have been lusting over  these gorgeous bridal headpieces all week.  If you want something a little bit different from the traditional veil option for your wedding headwear then these pieces totally fit the bill.  ‘Shut the front door’ create these completely original bridal headpieces and other beautiful headpieces for other events.They are truly stunning, and would add that ‘wow’ factor to your wedding day outfit.  Check out for more beautifulness.

The stunning Aurora Wings piece.
The Bijou piece

The Penguin and the Stone

Look, they even look like they’re holding hands.

I was reminded of this cute story during the  week, by a friend of mine.

After a long winter, the Adelie penguins make their way to their mating grounds throughout the area of coastal Antarctica. The male and female penguins strut and bray, a little bit like the guys at the pub on a Friday night, hoping to attract the attention of another Adelie penguin. When a special (read: attractive) penguin catches their eye, the Adelie penguin presents the other penguin with a stone. If the penguin accepts the stone, they start a bond for life. Each new spring, the courtship continues, the couples find each other again; and again, a new stone is presented as a token of affection. The penguin pair continues to gather stones for their nest, looking for each precious stone in the frozen ground.  I’m not 100% sure if this is true or a urban myth, but I love the cute story anyway.

Wedding Planning Mini Milestone Champagne Labels

Wedding Planning can be tough, and long, and stressful and expensive. So it’s important to take breaks and celebrate the mini milestones that you tick off on the wedding planning checklist and celebrate with your fiance or the girls, and Studio B Label Co have the perfect way for you to do this.

“Studio B Label Co make wedding planning even more fun with their custom Engagement Milestone Mini Champagne labels! The bride can celebrate every stage of her engagement and wedding planning with a mini bottle of bubbly! Perfectly sized to fit mini split champagne bottles, this label is personalized with the bride’s name.  Done in a bridal white label with black and hot pink text (customisable), each label is printed on weatherproof stock.  Just peel and stick!”  As you can see from the two photos below there are a few different options for the stickers, but how cute and fun are they?



Some Lovely Things

All you need is love and … some lovely things.

A curated list of things, people and places I’ve discovered this week that I love.

Show your girl some love

Do you have a bridesmaid with a sense of humour, and want a gift that she’ll appreciate and have a giggle at? Then this is the shirt for her! Definitely for the bride and her girls who don’t take themselves or the wedding planning process too seriously.

Available from Peacemaker Apparel, Etsy

Flower Infused Ice Cubes


These flower infused ice cubes add an element of sophisication to your event. Whether you use them in the ice buckets on your tables for your champagne or use edible flowers and herbs/fruit to add interest and flavour to your water jugs/glasses, they are definitely going to add the ‘wow’ factor for your guests. You will need to start making them in the months leading up to your wedding/event, to make sure you have enough, but once the ‘big day’ rolls around, it will be one less expense to stump up on the day itself.



Famous movie weddings


Are you a bit of a “Sex in the City” fan? Did you swoon over the venue, dress and limo Carrie had for her wedding? Want to know how much a “Sex in the City” wedding will set you back?

Venue: The New York City Library is the largest public library in the United States, servicing over 17 million visitors a year. A wedding here will cost you a whopping $500,000.

Dress: Carrie wore a Vivienne Westwood creation for her planned wedding day. The dress is valued at $24,000

Food: The average catering costs for a wedding in New York City are between $10,000 to $14,000

Rehearsal Dinner: Carrie and Big hosted their rehearsal dinner at famed New York City Restaurant ‘Buddakan’ based on their large party this would have cost about $8,500

Limo: The average cost of limo rental in New York is around $120.00 an hour.

But we all know how that wedding day turned out (spoiler alert, it doesn’t) so it’s probably better to just go with your own more affordable options.