All you need is … some advice on how to walk in heels.

All you need is love…  and some advice on how to walk in heels.

So you have the beautiful perfect wedding dress that you can’t wait to slip into for the big day, and what goes with a perfect dress? Perfect shoes. Now if you’re anything like me you loooove shoes, and your wedding day is the perfect excuse to get a new sparkly strappy high lovely new pair.

For some brides, this might seem like torture, and if you normally get around in a pair on converse sneakers, then new sparkly strappy high heels are going to be a problem.

I’ve devised some steps to master the art of walking confidently in a pair of heels.

  • Lead with your heel – put your heel down first, followed by your toe, it will make for a more natural looking walk. Most new wearers of high heels are inclined to stomp (or put your whole foot down in one go) which you will agree doesn’t look very natural, unless you’re a dinosaur, and you’re not, you’re a beautiful bride.
  • Take smaller slower steps – high heels require you to take smaller steps because of the height, just go with it, and make sure whoever is walking with you (your dad down the aisle, your groom) knows that you need to slow down and walks at the same speed.  It also gives everyone a good chance to get a good look at how stunning you are.
  • Lean slightly back – leaning back a little will counteract your inclination to lean forward, which happens when you slip on a pair of high heels.
  • Visualise the end point – visualise where you are walking to, whether it is down the hallway at home, or down the aisle towards your husband to be. Don’t look down at your shoes or the ground, but up, let everyone see your beautiful smiling face.
  • The perfect fit – make sure your shoes fit properly. The best time to go shoe shopping is in the afternoon, when your feet will be at their most swollen, that way they will fit perfectly. It’s also important to make sure they are comfortable, you’re going to be wearing them for a large part of the day.
  • Stand tall – ensure you stand tall, throw your shoulders back, lengthen your spine, and stand straight (it will also make you look thinner), be proud of yourself.
  • Practice, practice, practice – and practice on the type of surface you will be walking on on the day, practice on grass, on concrete, and on wooden floors.
  • Rough it up a bit – use a piece of sandpaper to rough up the bottom of your shoes, it will give them a little grip for wooden floors, and prevent you from sliding over.
  • Little secrets – there are a number of little secrets that will make sure day easier, and make it kinder on your feet. Dr Scholl makes a product called “Party Feet” which are gel inserts which stick to the sole of your shoe against your foot to provide a level of cushioning, an absolute must with high heels. You can also buy heel stoppers, a life saver for walking on grass, they slip onto the heels of your shoes and stop them from sinking into grass.

Just remember it’s a special day, your special day.  If you want to go all out and get a great pair of high heels to go with your wedding dress, then it’s the perfect excuse, if that’s not you, then go with what feels comfortable, converse, cowboy boots, jandals, barefoot.  You’re day you’re way!

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