All you need is … my real life wedding

All you need is love .. my real life wedding.


So nearly 21 years ago meet the man of my dreams in a dingy nightclub on New Years Eve, see you can meet your husband in a bar. 16 years ago on July 17 1999 we tied the knot.


Of course we had the best wedding, I married the man of my dreams how could it not have been the best wedding. But it was probably not everyone’s idea of the perfect wedding.  We only decided about 3 weeks before that we were going to get married, and it was a bit of a rush to get everything sorted.

We got married at Langholm Beach in Auckland, it rained, but then again it was the middle of winter, and they say it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day.  We had 13 guests, just immediate family and some close friends. We got married on the beach and then made our way back up the hill and had a Chinese buffet dinner and drinkies at my in laws house.  It was pretty perfect, very relaxed and casual.

All the wedding guests

I bought my dress from a store in a mall, it’s not a wedding dress, wedding dress, but I love it and have now had it shortened and worn it again. Tristan bought his suit from a flash suit shop (it cost more than my dress did), I told my bestie/bridesmaid to wear whatever she wanted.  I bought my flowers from the local florist on the morning of the wedding, and just tied them together with some raffia. We bought the cake from a local cafe the day before (bread and butter pudding cake) and it was delicious. We spent the night laughing and eating and just enjoying spending time with our loved ones.  We then got chauffered off to town and stayed the night at a flash hotel in town, where we spent the night chatting about how awesome our day was.


Please excuse the quality of the photos, we didn’t have a professional photographer, we just gave everyone a disposable camera (remember them) and told them to snap away, and this was before digital photography, so I had to take photos of the photos out of the album to use.

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